The Session



Photography is magic. It brings your emotions to the surface. It intrigues and surprises you. It’s a wonderful feeling to capture someone’s inner beauty; a secretive smile, a twinkle in the eye. That is what I want you to experience.


At Simply Natural, whether it’s at the beach, a park, your backyard, or my studio, your custom portraits will be catered to you in a relaxed atmosphere and at your convenience.

Together, we can create images that will be cherished for years to come, passed down from generation to generation. A tangible memory of a special time.


The studio is centrally located on Route 9 and Church Road.

Floor space is 20’x30′

Large window for natural light, and window seat.

Fully furnished with settee, chaise lounge, couch and wing chair.

Four different backdrops and lighting equipment.

Packages start at $75! Call the studio for more info. 848-333-0535


If life is about who and what we love, then I have been blessed. I am a romantic at heart with a love for things that have been passed down, and I truly believe we are the authors of our own life story.


Custom photography is about what you want to create…if you want an image of your grandmother sitting with you on a park bench or cooking together in the kitchen, we can do that. Custom photography is a setting of your choice. It’s getting a beautiful image of your time with your loved one. A walk on the beach or along the river in Island Heights, a beautiful park, what would you like to happen?…for the cost of a dinner at a nice restaurant with some wine, you can have an heirloom to pass down through the generations.